Total Human body Thursday: lower body exercise with health trainer Michelle Williams

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Studio 17’s Ilyana Capellan participates in one more 5-minute Complete Body Thursday exercise session led by Michelle Williams, owner of Vitality Physical fitness.

Follow together with the exercise routine at house:

• Banded Squats 
Squatting with resistance bands targets the glutes, quadriceps (front thighs), and hip adductor muscle groups.

• Banded Reverse Lunges 
Reverse lunges activate your main, glutes, and hamstrings. They place significantly less stress on your joints and give you a little bit far more steadiness in your entrance leg. This is ideal for individuals who have knee worries, issue balancing, or significantly less hip mobility.

• Banded Hearth Hydrants 
The hearth hydrant is an fantastic work out for strengthening your gluteus maximus. Some variants also work the stomach muscle tissues, toning and strengthening your main. As the largest muscle mass in your pelvis and hip area, your glutes management three significant hip actions.

• Banded Glute Bridges
Muscles worked are gluteus maximum, gluteus minimus, hip abductors, hamstrings, again muscular tissues, and core muscle tissues. As you can see, the banded glute bridge operates really a bit much more than just your glutes, generating this a certainly effective exercise!

Observe Michelle on social media for more exercise routine tips and methods, @_Vitalityfitness_.